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Asylum can lead to a permanent residency and U.S. citizenship. It all starts with a Strategy Session with ONE OF OUR ASYLUM LAWYERS.

Who we are, what we do

Helping people get permanent immigration status so they can build their life in America is our passion. We do this through the political asylum process.

In helping our clients, our asylum lawyers draw on perspectives gained by our founder, Brian Manning, who worked for 11 years for the government's two main agencies for refugee and asylum matters. As a government Asylum Officer, Brian decided hundreds of applications for asylum and other forms of protection.

Our asylum lawyers use insights from this experience to help our clients present the strongest possible case for asylum and other immigration benefits.

So much is riding on your case. We're here to help you get it right.


Partnering in Your Asylum Journey

We handle your asylum case from beginning to end. We're at your side every step of the way. We believe this gives you the best chance for success.

Asylum Interview Preparation

We will do a mock asylum interview with you, and give you feedback and pointers that will provide you the confidence you need to do an outstanding job at your interview.

Appeal an Asylum Denial

If the government denied your asylum application, you may be able to fight it. I help you hold the government accountable, getting you the benefit you're entitled to.



"Brian knows asylum forward and backward - there's absolutely no one I would rather have in my corner for an asylum case. He has been tremendously helpful to me and my family in meeting our immigration needs." 
- Francis V.
"I'm thankful to Brian for explaining to me in easy-to-understand terms how asylum works. He is someone who truly cares about his clients, and is willing to fight for them. He puts their interests first." 
- Adrian S.
"A friend referred me to Mr. Manning after we had reached out to several immigration attorneys with no luck. He took his time to provide clear guidance on our situation. We were very thankful for his patience and willingness to describe all the potential issues we could face with each of the options available to us given our situation. We are very grateful for his help and honesty."
- Meyling L.

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