Appeal an Asylum Denial 

If you already had an interview at the asylum office or in immigration court, and your application was not approved, you need to consider carefully your next steps.

We help people understand their options in this scenario.

This can, depending on the circumstances, include asking the asylum office to reconsider its decision; fighting your case in immigration court, if it gets sent there; appealing to the Board of Immigration Appeals an immigration judge's denial of your asylum claim; or filing an appeal with a federal court of a negative ruling by the Board of Immigration Appeals.

Our asylum lawyers will analyze your case and tell which of these routes, if any, may help you.

We'll tell you how likely we think you are to prevail should you take action. We can represent you in responding to the denial.


Asylum Interview Preparation

This service is perfect for someone who wants a more hands-off approach, but still wants to benefit from the insights a former Asylum Officer can provide.

In this scenario, we don't become your lawyer, but rather act as a consultant who helps you prepare for your interview.

We do a full-scale mock interview - it'll be similar to what you'll experience at the real thing in terms of the format and types of questions.

We draw on the experience of our founder, Brian Manning, interviewing thousands of applicants for immigration benefits in predicting what questions an Asylum Officer may have for you, based on what's in your application and what you say during the mock interview.

When you get to the real interview, it should feel familiar, like you've done it before, helping you to relax and think clearly.

After the mock interview, we'll discuss with you how it went and provide pointers.

We strategize with you on how to best present your case when the big day comes.

Asylum Support, Beginning to End

We believe our full attention to your entire case - from pre-application strategy to getting your decision - is the best way to set you up for success.

With this service, we represent you the whole way. Right beside you, explaining everything to you and working with you to present the strongest possible asylum case.

It starts with us getting a deep understanding of your life and the circumstances that may qualify you for asylum.

We'll work together to frame your story. It's your story; we just help you tell it.

We collaborate in putting together your application materials, which include a legal brief by our asylum lawyers that ties it all together, applying the law to the facts of your case, helping the officer get to the conclusion you want them to reach.

Before your interview day, we do a mock interview to help prepare you for what your'e about to face.

One of our asylum lawyers represents you during your interview, supporting you and engaging as necessary to ensure you're treated fairly and that you get heard. We will advocate for you, helping the asylum officer understand exactly why they should give you asylum.

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