Let's Discuss Your Case 

In a Strategy Session, one of our asylum lawyers talks with you by video conference or telephone to understand your circumstances.

You'll tell us your story, we'll ask you questions, and then we will tell you whether we think you have a good shot at getting asylum.

Most immigration lawyers try to be as vague as possible on whether you'll succeed in your case. We don't do that. We'll tell you whether we think your chances for success are low, medium or high.

And we will be honest. Many lawyers will tell you what you want to hear, and will take your case even if you no chance for success. That's not how we do things.

You really don't need to pay thousands of dollars to an immigration lawyer if you have virtually no chance of winning. In light of the facts of your case and your immigration goals, we will tell you whether we think it makes sense for you to apply for asylum.

We'll explore other possible routes to get you permanent immigration status, too, in the event that asylum isn't right for you or there's an even better path for someone in your shoes.

We also explain to you how asylum works.

You will leave the Strategy Session knowing where you stand, and with a better understanding of your options.

Or maybe you've already applied for asylum, and are now keen to strengthen your case and prepare for your interview - there's lots we can still do to support you.

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